Freddie Parker Westerfield

“To blessed animals the utmost kindness must be shown, the more the better. Tenderness and loving-kindness are basic principles of God’s heavenly Kingdom. Ye should most carefully bear this matter in mind.” Baha’i

“I don’t want another dog. Too much responsibility”  I say to myself as I google ‘rescue dogs’.  

“My dog just passed and it’s a bit too soon for another dog,”  I explain to the Ariel Rescue lady outside the local pet store.  “Yes, I totally understand” she replies.  “It took me over a year to rescue another dog.  We’ll be here next weekend because it’s National Adoption Weekend.”

 My husband and I drive to the pet rescue, just to take a look.  On the way Dave goes over the long and true list of reasons why we shouldn’t adopt now.   He adds that a friend just offered him a poodle mix puppy. “I turned him down. I don’t like poodles”.

Freddie Parker Westerfield

Freddie Westerfield

This dog was here last week,” I tell  my husband as I stoop down to pet the little dog who wags his tail as if to flag down any one who will pay attention.  The rescue lady hands us a copy of VITAL information”:

“What a tail wagger!  Parker is a perfect choice for a fun companion dog!  He has an excellent temperment and is friendly with other dogs.  Parker is a playful, happy, cuddly, 17 pound Miniature Poodle mix who is fully grown.  Parker has the soft, fluffy, white fur of a poodle – he is perfect for cuddling.  His face will melt your heart – this is one cutie.  He is an active friendly companion that you can take everywhere – he loves to ride in the car and likes to go for walks.  Parker also loves to play with his doggie toys – he likes to flip his toy in the air and the go chase after the toy.  Parker would also like nothing better than to sit in your lap and keep you company.”


My husband disappears into the pet store with the copy of the information.  I pick the little dog up and he begins to fall asleep in my arms.

The rest is history

24 comments on “Freddie Parker Westerfield

  1. Dearest Judy,
    I am so very sorry to hear about Max. They are our three legged children and it is devastating when we have to tell them goodbye and let them go.
    It is so wonderful when we can connect with another little soul. I had the same thing happen and the connection with me happened to be a black small standard poodle. She has been a true therapy dog for me and is the velcro dog I have been in need of. I had not planned on getting another dog so soon, but we fell in love…. done deal…..meant to be. Love, Cindy
    PS Started physical therapy this week. Hoping to be able to get around better soon. I do have a bit of work to do..then I would like to come see you to help me work on me. What I have gone through has been life changing and life altering. Could use some help and perspective in dealing with it all.
    I look forward to that time
    Congratulations on you Freddie. 🙂


      • I think the answer might be that furriness = intelligence, wit, charm, artsiness, eloquence, soul, and looking good and so on. Unfortunately, as most humans lack fur, they don’t have the same level of smarts as some one who is furry.
        Of course, there are exceptions — your non-furry family members, for example. But, you will notice that the most intelligent, etc. humans have a furry “coach” to teach them!
        Humans can learn to do tricks — like giving you a treat when you want one. Luckily for you, your non-fur folk are well-trained and treat-broken.


    • Dear Human Ida,
      Thank you for thinking I’m adorable. In the past my human’s tended to go for the quirky types. So it’s nice to know they’ve expanded their taste.
      Freddie Parker Westerfield
      P.S. You are very perceptive. I am very cuddly


  2. I posted a comment but I don’t know where it went. Anyway, did you know that the P{oodle is the second smartest dog in the world? Plus he won’t shed all over your house, and make allergy people crazy. Tootsie will be very happy when I tell her.


  3. Did you know that the Poodle is the second smartest dog in the world? And he won’t shed all over your house, and shouldn’t aggravate anyone’s allergies. Tootsie will be very for you (and Parker) when I tell her!


  4. J/J, Did you get him? Did you know that the Poodle is the second smartest dog in the world? And he won’t shed all over your house, and shouldn’t aggravate anyone with allergies. Tootsie will be very happy when I tell her.


    • Dear Human Mo,
      You are one cool human. I am very smart, I don’t shed and I’m smart enough not to pee or poop in the house since I came home yesterday afternoon. I’m smart enough to know we are still in the honeymoon period.
      Your Friend,


  5. Wait, Something is confusing me. First of all, WELCOME DEAR FREDDIE, we never dared ask your mom when you were coming but we all knew…I’m so happy you have arrived. What confuses me is that in the first picture I thought that was a picture of your late sibling, Max. I swear, that can’t be you. Could it? Is it a comparison? The second photo I know is you. You look like a friendly, manageable dog. My mom says I’m “a pest” I don’t think that’s a good thing. Love and welcome, Lexi-Pro and Laurie


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