Freddie’s Most Excellent Adventures, Going for a run

“It is incumbent upon them who are in authority to exercise moderation in all things. Whatsoever passeth beyond the limits of moderation will cease to exert a beneficial influence.” Baha’u’llah, Tablets of Baha’u’llah, p. 169
Freddie Parker

Freddie Parker

My new human is very nice but she doesn’t know how to have a good time.   Take last night for example:

We were going for a walk. I wasn’t really in the mood for walking.  I slipped out of my collar so I could run.

Now I know why she wanted to walk. She’s not a good runner like me.  I stayed  3 houses ahead of her all the way down to the bottom of the hill we live on.   I would dash into a yard and watch to see if she was coming and then take off.  I hid so she couldn’t find me.   It was real fun.

After we had fun she told me that we were not going to go for another walk until she gets a choke collar.  I have no idea why she would want to wear a choke collar?  It sounds rather barbaric.  But there’s no accounting for human taste.

I will say though, it was nice of her to carry me back up the hill to our house.

10 thoughts on “Freddie’s Most Excellent Adventures, Going for a run

  1. Dear Freddie,
    Even I admit that choking a human with a choke collar is a bit extreme. Lay off her, she’s my mom’s friend and slow down. Or I, will come after you, you little pip squeak. Besides, doesn’t she know the true human code of getting to us “COOKIE” ? If you can’t teach her Fred, I’d be happy to help. Love your true friend, Lexi Pro Canine


    • Dear Lexi Pro Canine Dog,

      Thanks for you offer to help train my Human Being. I may take you up on it if she doesn’t show progress.

      Yours in Solidarity,
      Freddie Parker Westerfield, Canine Dog

      P.S. I understand your intent however, you must learn to watch your language. “Pip Squeak” is a bit archaic which either speaks to your study of ancient terms or bad influence from those you hang out with.


  2. T’was Sheila’s note, and unless Freddie’s human gets better at “hide and seek” (or faster running shoes), perhaps a harness would be a good idea!


  3. We are so glad to know you live now with Judy and David. You will have a very happy life and will get lots of love. If our human will take us to visit you (I think I can convince her), we will have so much fun. We would love to be your friends. I am speaking for all of us — Charlie, Lily, Jessie, and especially me — Buddy. You must be pretty special, Freddie Parker Westerfield, to have 3 names. We are also special, I’m told constantly by my human , but we only have 2 names each. Bye for now. Hope to see you soon. Love, Your friend Buddy.


    • Dear Buddy, Canine
      tell your human you want 3 names. If she won’t give them to you you can borrow mine: Buddy Fred Klenner or Buddy Parker Klenner. On the other paw you can call yourself Buddy Buddy Klenner and your human will never know.

      Freddie Parker Westerfield, Canine Dog


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