I’m Overwhelmed by Convenience.

Haiku-Heights, Prompt BREEZE

If I read enough I will FINALLY understand how to relax, organize, optimize my health, wealth, knowledge and time.   So I spend hours googling, oogling the glut of information on the internet. There is an overwhelming world of seemingly infinite information, suggestions, apps and opinions.

In my paperless office I print out an overwhelming number of copies of the

“important” information I NEED to keep.


The ubiquitous availability of E-mail, text messaging is a miraculous, mind-numbing, overwhelming demand for instant response.

Facebook and Twitter’s constant reminders to keep checking lest I miss out on something “crucial”. . . smart phones sing,  computers beep to let me know.

Being blown away

 technology tornado 

an absolute breeze



11 thoughts on “I’m Overwhelmed by Convenience.

  1. Technology is truly a marvellous concept but like everything else is open to abuse. I am not on facebook or twitter and only devote myself to poetry and one other blog. Even so i spend far too much on the computer and neglect boring household things I should do.Very clever haiku and I love that old telephone (very cool!)


  2. With a gush of information crashing in from all sides, there is very little one can retain, appreciate and absorb. Technology is as much a bane as it is a blessing.


  3. Information flies so quickly, I usually can only catch and swallow a few small bytes.
    Without a smart phone or mobile device, only able to absorb droplets of the contents of the cyberverse (blogs, etc), I know I’m missing a million, a billion, a trillion things.
    I have twitter and other social media accounts and belong to online groups. I’m usually reading the beginning point days after the conversation has finished. If I could handle it, I would try and absorb more of the information I need/like. Until then, I’m just overwhelmed
    This weekend there is a world-wide “unplug” event where folks around the globe turned off ALL their electronic devices for a 24 hour period. A good accompaniment to your post.


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