Licks & Lips



Why would you even ask me that?

I am SO insulted!

Every time something goes
missing around here,

Everybody looks at me!”

Mail333Thanks Daru for sending this Pup!

This is Daru’s ALICE when she was a pup


Alice is a therapy dog.  Alice is a Labradoodle.



This is Daru.  Daru is not a Labradoodle.  Daru is not a pup.

Daru’s a therapist.

About Catnip Blog

My blogs are dedicated to this imaginatively curious, quirky, loving dog. His memory inspires. One of my passions is creating - I'll try almost anything (with the exception of singing & dancing). Having been diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1996 I am determined to find humor, kindness, love and blessings in my life . . . or go crrrrrrrazy. Humor me and take a look at my quirky blog "Curious to the Max at and my spiritual blog "The HeART of Spirituality at AND

4 thoughts on “Licks & Lips

  1. Oh how I wish I could have a dog! The allergy gene keeps us dog-free but I could use some of that lovin’ every now and then. In spite of the trouble the little cuties can get into.


  2. I agree, both dogs and cats are good therapy….the little Tuxedo kitten that found us a month before my husband died, gave him so much joy in that last month, and has taken the loneliness out of our home during this transition time. After 53 years of marriage, I am now single again, but with a rambunctious kitten to keep me grounded! Blessings….Jan


  3. ALL dogs I know of are therapy dogs. My world stops, anxiety and pain disappear when Duffy appears magically (he’s a stealth dog) for attention and doggie-time.


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