Truth in Advertising

DSCN4010I’ve been waiting to lose 20 pounds to have my picture taken with my grey locks.  I let my hair grow out well over one year ago . . .  Finally figured out that I will no longer be grey but totally white before I lose the 20 pounds.

SO! .. . had my hair cut today, slathered on make-up, put a towel over the door and stood in front of the bathroom (TMI) mirror so I could see where I was aiming the camera and took about 847 pictures, none of which looked like I’m SUPPOSED to look.

My self-image is much younger, which is good.  My real image is much older, which is . . . real.

This is the best picture of the bunch.  I’m putting it up on all my profiles until I lose 20 pounds.  

Then I’ll exchange it with a picture of how I’m supposed to look.

5 thoughts on “Truth in Advertising

  1. Love the hair, and the self image! I too have let my hair become it’s natural self. Hey, I’ll soon be 50, I deserve all the gray I have. My 5 year old niece told me the other day as she looked me in the face and touched my hair…”I just LOVE your gray hair!” I about died laughing! But was thrilled she thinks my gray hair is loveable!

    I have gained 60lbs since getting sick. Part of it is the fructose malabsorption mess, part of it is all the steroids I’ve been on!, part of it is not being able to really exercise, and part of it is depression eating…..yes I admitted it! Now to work harder on it when we get home. But I need help. I know it, I just can’t find it…but I’m going to continue looking.

    The big thing….I don’t see myself as large as I am. I had to buy some clothes and couldn’t believe I was having to buy….oh my goodness, That Size! And Stuart doesn’t see it. I’ll ask him to point out someone who is my size and he points out normal women…a size 10 or 12….not an 18. I do so love my husband. I’m upset about my weight gain because I know it does nothing to help my illnesses, but I’m thrilled I don’t look at myself and hate me because of my size. ( I would have years ago) so I’ve lost 5 whole pounds! I’m moving in the right direction. We’ll get there. Then I’ll post new photos…one before Meniere’s when crazy, one at this point, and one after. Stay tuned.

    You are beautiful.


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