Brain on Over-Drive

The "Hag"

Anxiety is the brain’s way of trying to keep us alive.  It wants us to be safe and so it looks for anything and everything that may not work, could be a problem, might be dangerous.

For most people who have anxiety “disorders” their minds are always working, scanning their physical, mental and emotional environments: A non-stop cacophony of thoughts , trying to avoid difficulty, figuring out something that doesn’t make sense . . . day and night; An adaptive mechanism in overdrive.

Faster and faster 

can’t stop a run away train

going nowhere fast


Racing rumbling thoughts

can’t stop a run away brain

A one way ticket

20 comments on “Brain on Over-Drive

  1. Anxiety and angst aren’t that far apart. The information overload of social media, and expectations we will be well versed in them adds to the “every day” anxiety that truly is, as you say, a cacophony of sound, light, feelings, and noise.


  2. Anxiety = Me getting ready to take the trip back to NC.
    or by the definition…me all the time. But from what I understand it’s not unusual for someone with Meniere’s…”a disease of random punishment”
    But I’m trying. And looking forward to getting home and back in my routine…that helps.


  3. OK…never fear
    Doctor Rallentanda is here

    1. Don wet suit
    2.Enter the ocean
    3.Breast stroke for 1 hour battling waves
    4. Somehow Get home
    5. Peel off wet suit
    6. Get into hot bubble bath
    7. Where you will fall asleep for several hours
    awakened by water which has gone cold
    8. drag yourself into bed not fall asleep on bathroom floor
    10 Physical exhaustion is the cure for anxiety and everything 🙂


    • Doctor Rallentanda,
      NOW THAT IS AN EXCELLENT CURE! Will you prescribe moving to the beach so it can be a medical deduction?!!

      P.S. Physical exhaustion mimics fight or flight which accelerates metabolizing the neurochemistry of “anxiety” and releases “good feeling” neuro-chemicals. You are an excellent doctor (except for the part about falling asleep in the bathtub)!


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