A Freddie First

Dear Human Beings,

My Human Being was going to post this article on reducing pain with magnets.  However, FIRST THINGS first.

I took my first shower in my new abode today.  The shower part wasn’t much fun.  My Human Being offered me a treat while I was in the shower.  What was she thinking?  No one I know eats IN the shower.  I was more than happy to eat the treats after I got out.

I ran around crazy with joy after getting out of there.  Then we both sat in sun to dry off.  I got dry faster than she did.

This is me after my shower:


Do you eat in the shower?  Just wondering . . .

Yours truly,

Freddie Parker Westerfield, Canine Dog

9 thoughts on “A Freddie First

  1. I never saw this note from you Freddy, sorry. I wish I could go in the shower here because my humans say I stink but I can’t. I’m too big and um..I’ve gained a little weight. My human is going to take me to a place where she can wash me and leash me somewhere but i’ll eat treats anywhere. that’s probably why I’m a little chubby now. Love, Lexi Pro


    • Dear ItsMe, Human Being,
      You are forgiven for resorting to the human perception of cuteness. Not only do I look smart, I am smart. Thank you for noticing and writing.

      Yours Truly,
      Freddie Parker Westerfield, Canine Dog


        • Dear UBS, Human Being,

          I like human beings who admit the error or their ways. So I like you very much. However, I am a bit worried about you based on your most recent poem, signed “Mrs. MacCranky Pants”:
          Dearest Dumbbell http://unfetteredbs.com/2013/03/17/dearest-dumbbell/

          I hope your “hostility” is confined to paper & pen or in this case computer and keyboard. I empathize that no one want to be inanely asked in
          A gruff muff tone
          inanely inquires
          “Are you having Old Lady Problems?”

          but it is POSSIBLE you are have “Old Lady Problems” based on the intensity of your creatively aggressive fantasy. I would suggest that you continue to write about your feelings as they are not good when bottled up. I shall keep everything confidential.

          Therapeutically yours,
          Freddie Parker, CDT
          Canine Dog Therapist


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