Have You Made YOUR Mark?

Me, exhausted

Me, exhausted

To prove I was there

Fortitude and stamina

 with a spritz of pee

Dear Human Beings,

I went to a park.  I met some very nice Human Beings who petted me.  There were some other Canine Dogs there too.  I sniffed a lot of them but I didn’t have time to play.  I had to concentrate on marking my territory and it was a very big park.

I marked all the way around on the fence.  I marked some of the chairs where the Human Beings were sitting.  I marked the trees.  I marked the bushes.  I tried to mark a big Canine Dog that came to see me but he was on the other side of the fence.   I marked two people.

It was exhausting.

Yours truly,

Freddie Parker Westerfield, Canine Dog

18 comments on “Have You Made YOUR Mark?

    • Dear Toots, Duchess of the Hills, Canine Dog,
      Macho is my middle name, not Parker. But I don’t want to sound pretentious.

      Yours truly,
      Freddie Parker Westerfield, Macho Canine Dog

      P.S. No worry . . . It sounds like your bark is bigger than your pee. . .


  1. Dear Freddy,
    My human had a rough day, There’s a lot of tension at home, I’m nervous so I paid in the house a couple of times. My human mommy figured it out and she spent all day with me and I am not leaving her side. Now I am happy. These humans sure do have a lot of things to worry about. I’m glad I’m me. I am now sleeping on the bed with my head on her ankles.Thanks for listening, Freddy. You are a good friend. Love, Lexi-Pro


    • Dear Lexi-Pro, Canine Dog

      You must learn to pee from pleasure. It’s much healthier than peeing from nervousness. However, I am glad to hear you are training your Human Being, just be careful not to overly empathize with Human Beings. They are weird.

      Therapeutically yours,
      Freddie Parker Westerfield, Canine Dog Therapist.


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