Is Your Life an Illusion?

Freddie and I were at “work” from 10 am to 7 pm today.  After being petted and getting treats Freddie napped.  I’m a bit tired right now as it’s not polite for me to nap during a session.  So here’s a “No-Brainer Brainer” post.

It took me awhile to see the circles. Now I cannot NOT see them.  It’s just like therapy.  We all have a limited viewpoint, a perception, of how things are.  It’s never the whole picture.  As a therapist I help clients view their lives, their situations and relationships from different perspectives.  I help them see the “circles.”  

The pattern contains 16 circles, but if you’re like most first-time viewers, you’re thinking, Circles?  I can only see a bunch of rectangles!

Look again, and 16 completely round circles, lodged in between the “door panels”, will pop into view. 


5 thoughts on “Is Your Life an Illusion?

  1. Where the XXXXX do you find these things???? And yes, I too can see both the circles and the rectangles… always impressed with these kind of visual tricks for the eyes….


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