Faint of Heart Need Not Apply

Human Condition

Faint of heart need not apply 

Varied positions

Picture, emerging head, DCP_8561Been a hard couple of weeks, maybe months, but who’s counting  . . .  won’t go into the gory details . . .  When I complained about aches and pains, my loss of energy and motivation to my Baha’i “guide”, Jim, his response was:

“Being human and/or getting old is not for the faint of heart…….”

It made me think (There she goes again . . . “thinking”): Very few of us get out of this condition called human without pain, whether it’s physical, mental or emotional;  I have to accept (perhaps not like) that my life, all life, is ultimately about loss.

Starting from birth and losing the comfort of our mother’s womb, we are on a continual, unremitting passage of loss.  Some of the loss is welcome and some not.

Perhaps what is important is less about the actual loss and more about how we “work”  it.  

(But right now I’m too exhausted to work anything . . .)


5 thoughts on “Faint of Heart Need Not Apply

  1. None of us have our expiration date stamped on us … yet, in the midst of numbered days for my mom and an upcoming birthday for me — aging is definitely on my mind … you are not kidding — sissies couldn’t handle it! Thoughts are with you xo


  2. I understand…..don’t take life too seriously….no one gets out of it alive. It’s been so rough lately….I’m glad I’m not the only one. I mean.,,,geez…..I don’t wish this on anyone…….
    Love you and hope you’re doing better soon. Love to Freddie Parker…


  3. We are either totally connected on some level or you just copied my entire post that I put up yesterday. Fraud or Friendship? Aging has been in my mind a lot lately, actually I think you combined two of my posts. I’m getting a little scared. Love, Laurie F. aka PK JR.


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