Getting My Ducks in a Row


“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” Saint Francis of Assisi

I really appreciate all the notes I’ve received asking about my bloglessness.   I’ve needed to get all my ducks in a row.

Ducky #1, medical “stuff”

Ducky #2, personal “stuff”

Ducky #3, professional “stuff”

The biggest problem is that they are not all ducks.  Two of them can’t swim and I do not want to follow them into the drink.

I’ve been floundering with his blog.  I renamed it  just months before Max died to “CuriositytotheMax” to better reflect my meandering interests (599 draft posts in the hopper, I kid you not.)

My lack of technological expertise has been really discouraging.  I have spent hours and hours and hours trying but never succeeding to get my power-point presentations and CD recordings posted so they were available for free.

After Max died in December 2012 I lost his voice, his inspiration and my direction.  My readership fell which was both discouraging and a wake-up call.

Sooooooooo . . . any feedback or thoughts about the blog would be helpful and appreciated.

I will continue to post  as I incubate on where I go from here?  Hopefully not into the drink . . .


6 thoughts on “Getting My Ducks in a Row

    • Peggy,
      Thank you SO very much for reminding me that direction always changes (even during times we don’t want it to). Glad you are glad!!!!!!!
      xxx j
      P.S. Two of the “ducks” are chickens. Do they float in the drink too?!!


  1. JJ — I think you have had a challenging journey over the past several months. Quite naturally a period of time is needed to grieve, reflect, take stock in the inner and outer turmoil that accompanies change and growth. You have not lost your voice … in light of Max … Max is still with you in spirit, and shares common ground with sweet Freddie Parker Westerfield. You could use the lessons Max shared with you and write for decades to come, you have the new lessons from life with Freddie, you have your life lessons … you have YOU. We read because of YOU.

    The blog was dedicated to Max when he was alive and well — does it really need to change or can it remain dedicated to him? Perhaps … the change in readership has nothing to do with the direction of the blog — but perhaps in initially people not knowing what to say to you, respecting your privacy and your initial wish for no one to comment about his passing. Perhaps working through this grief can be a beacon for others … working through this conundrum.

    I agree with Rick — just continue on … while working through and working on the journey.

    xo becca

    BTW — how does Freddie feel about it?

    (PS: absolutely only my 2 cents)


    • Thanks Becca for your encouraging words. Yes, the Blog (and my web-sites) shall remain dedicated to my Max. You are a love,
      BTW – Freddie is as laid-back as Max was quirky and stubborn. So Freddie is pretty much ok with anything as long as he gets as much love as he gives (and cookies too).


  2. Just keep blogging, blog on, slog on, slog through it, put your thoughts on (digital) paper. The variety, information and fun I find here – whether or not I comment, always adds to my day-thanks for “playin'”


  3. I was thinking of you just TODAY and I was going to write you a note. I would say how funny but I expect that. Judith, I don’t think you lost your voice, maybe your voice needs a time out-time to reflect and learn and listen. You have Freddie now and I’m sure if people stopped reading because of Max, then they are too shallow not to invite dear Freddy into their lives. But the blog doesn’t need to be about Freddie, just about whatever is going on in your life now. Like this.
    I’ve been going through medical hell these past weeks, put through every exam possible and then some. I was in bad shape two weeks ago but feel better now. You lose weight and they put you through the ringer. Monday I have to drink Barium or chalk as I call it and don’t know if I will be able to do it. ALL results on Wednesday. It’s been rough for all of us. Dan with his non-job, me, my twin Maureen, Tammy–something in the air….Let’s just try to keep the faith and hope things will fall into place when they are ready and hopefully that will be soon.Love, Laurie, Peachy Keen Jr and Lexi- Pro


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