There is No Single Sexy Chin or Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin

I notice that as I age the hair on top of my head starts growing out my chin so . . . . . . I was very pleased to read about a new study that shows a least the SHAPE of my chin doesn’t indicate I’ve lost my sex appeal, even if the hair does.  Here’s an excerpt and the findings (To read the original article click on my haiku)

Let’s FACE it right now

There’s no single sexy chin????

I beg to differ

“Research has shown that chiseled jaws and strong chins appear more masculine and are considered

Freddie figuring out which chin he has

Freddie figuring out which chin he has

universally attractive. But a new study challenges the idea of universally attractive features — and finds that there is no one chin that is sexier than others.”

“For years, Seth Dobson, an assistant professor in the anthropology department at Dartmouth College (who probably has a lot of time on his hands) ” . . . has speculated about why only humans have chins and what purpose they serve. While he hasn’t come to any concrete conclusions, he wondered if chins impact how we select mates. Some experts believe that we pick partners based on universal facial attractiveness—a set of traits, such as symmetrical facial features, that are overwhelmingly deemed hot (and biologically superior). Dobson thought that if women mated with men who had strong chins and men bred with women with smaller, weaker chins that skeletons would show this.”
(. . apparently Not the case.)
“Dobson looked at 180 male and female skeletons that originated from nine different Old-World

Contour Tracings

Judy’s Contour Tracings

geographic locations including, Australia, Eastern and Southern Africa, Southeastern, Central, and Eastern Asia, and Northern, Eastern, and Western Europe. After creating contour tracings of the chins,  a computer analyzed their shapes. (used pencil, no computer,  for my contour tracings) Dobson found there isn’t one dominant preferred chin shape for men or women in any region.
“The preferences aren’t actually universal,” he says, but adds a caveat: “I don’t think that our result undermine that there is strong preference [for certain chins].” (Victoria’s Secret models, movie stars etc.  . . .  agree)

“These results might mean that people don’t pick partners based only on universally attractive traits, he explains  Sure, a strong chin might seem sexier, but the man who owns the chin might not have a great personality.” (need a research study to figure that out . . . ?)

“One thing is possible, this is speculation, it is possible that the preferences that look to be universal cross culturally today maybe weren’t important in the past,” Dobson says. “But they may be important in the future.” By Meghan Holohan

(Get out the tweezers)


5 thoughts on “There is No Single Sexy Chin or Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin

  1. Hello Judith and It has been a long while since the ‘eleph and ant’ episodes Hehehehe!! Keep the head and chinny up!! Hope you are doing fine!! 🙂 The humor is on the rise!! 😀


  2. “Keep your Chin Up”
    Meaning-remain cheerful in a difficult situation.
    Origin-This sounds like one of those rousing maxims that were drilled into the young of Victorian England – like keep a stiff upper lip. Perhaps surprisingly, the phrase is American. The first use of it that I can find is from the Pennsylvania newspaper The Evening Democrat, October 1900, under the heading Epigrams Upon the Health-giving Qualities of Mirth:

    “Keep your chin up. Don’t take your troubles to bed with you – hang them on a chair with your trousers or drop them in a glass of water with your teeth.” – [they were easily amused in Pennsylvania in 1900)


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