Weird Science – PG-13, due to scatological language

"Soooo embarrassing.  Has she no sense of propriety?"

“Soooo embarrassing. Has she no sense of propriety?”

Freddie, I conjecture, lived his life confined and ignored before he was “confiscated” (as his papers say ) and taken to a Dog Shelter.  He went poo & pee whenever and where ever.

I came to this conclusion when he pooped in the house “several” times without our knowing.  A few months later he still gives no indication when he needs to “go”.  Consequently, I walk him twice a day until I scoop poop.  He’s catching on – with each walk he takes longer and longer to poo.

Freddie’s very smart.  He can now sit-stay, lay down, stand up and twirl, crawl, wait while standing, high five, low five and lick his lips on command.  I’m thinking about toilet training him to know if his poop floats.  Until then I’ll have to take this science article on face value – Freddie’s poop probably sinks.

If you’re curious whether your poop floats take a look at: 

Friday Weird Science !!!!

8 thoughts on “Weird Science – PG-13, due to scatological language

  1. Since Freddie does well with “tricks” and “treats” … there is a system (I don’t remember the name) that uses a bell pull with bells on it for the door … I remember there were directions/suggestions for training … by now, google and/or internet may be filled with leading tips to this system.


    • Becca! that’s brrrrrrrriliant. thank you!!!!!!!
      We had a rescue dog “Sammie”, many years ago. She figured how to do that on her own! I had hung a bell on the door (for some unknown reason). She would grab it in her mouth and FLING it against the door when she wanted to come inside. I finally had to take it down because the wooden door was being destroyed!!! Sammie, however, weighed 65 pounds and Freddie Parker weighs 16 so I might be able to rig up something that is “door-proof”.


  2. Every single time she poops outside give her a treat. Dogs (like me) live for treats. Going to the bathroom outside is the one thing Lexi-Pro learned in a second, however, while I didn’t train her to be part of a circus, if she get’s away from us, she will run like a mini Lassie and look back at us with a defiant and brilliant smile. We’re so proud. Love, Laurie


  3. Absolutely, positively, totally and completely WAY too much information and much more than I ever wanted to know about poop. Sad to think these scientists devoted what was probably weeks to test and analyze the data…and about poop no less. But, thanks for sharing, made for a nice 3 minute diversion from work – always appreciated! and Dogs being dogs, Freddie is going to “go” when and where he pleases, trained or not!


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