To Be Creative: Watch, Look & Listen

By Daru Maer

By Daru Maer

Want to paint?  Get inspired by looking at art. Creativity isn’t about doing something that has never been done.  Creativity is about recombining already existing elements.

Bahá’ís believe that creativity exists in every one of us, not just famous composers or painters or writers.

  • “Creativity is discovering our own special talents, daring to see things in original ways and find different means to solve problems.
  • Creativity is being nimble enough to respond in positive and healthy ways when life surprises us.
  • Creativity is what powers the imagination and finds new ways to make things work better.”

Daru, my wonderful and talented friend created the above painting which I think rivals those of famous artists.  She should put it up for auction!

Mark Rothko’s 1961 painting “Orange, Red, Yellow” (below) sold for $86.9 million at an auction of items from the estate of David Pincus. (Associated Press, May 8, 2012)

Orange Red Yellow, Rothko

by Mark Rothko

Mark Rothko in his studio

P.S. to Daru,

Start with a larger canvas to push the price up!!


4 thoughts on “To Be Creative: Watch, Look & Listen

  1. Having just finished a 6 week art course, I have even more respect for those who can see and feel creativity flowing across an empty canvas/board/paper — whatever the surface.
    That first sketch line in charcoal or #6 pencil; the mystical blending of colo(u)rs; the first brush stroke all lead towards a synchronicity of the real or the imagined.
    Daru’s painting drew me into the colo(u)rs.
    We are all creative in our own ways; creativity can be expressed through art — images rather than words. Words have their own magic, the ability to draw us in too.


    • Laurie, Lorraine –
      Send me pictures to post if you’re willing, to help other’s not be afraid to just “do it”!!!! I’m going to dig up my sketch book from my first art class in college and share too!


      • I’ll take a picture of the best of my attempts; it’s in acrylics based on a Modignali (spelling and name may both be off!). I had ALOT of help from the teacher after my first 2 attempts at art (watercolour still life and a Van Gothe influenced painting got worse rather than better, lol!)


  2. I’m struggling through an art course now, drawing. I wish it was Drawing for Dummies but it isn’t. The fact that after all these years of talking about it, and thinking about, and feeling not sure about it (and myself) that I registered, paid and showed up means more to ME than the silly scribbles I draw. I did it. And, age, in its mysterious way, helped me. The only gift of age is wisdom and while it’s not everything at all, it makes you do things you thought you would never do. So while the Picassos across the table weave their pointed pencils and draw perfection, I sit across and smile, at least I did THIS. I am proud of myself.


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