Mother’s Day is Every Day

Striving to love us

The story of mothering

Each in their own way

Scan 2
My Mother

When I was about 10 I remember thinking:

My mother has a flat rear end.  (Mine wasn’t flat . . . yet.)

When I was about 15 I remember thinking:

My mother is really old.

When I was about 20 I remember thinking:

I don’t REALLY need my Mother anymore.

When I was about 30 I remember thinking:

I wonder what Mom would do?

When I was about 40 I remember thinking:

I’m becoming my Mother.

When I was about 50 I remember thinking:

I never told her I loved her enough.

When I was about 60 I remember thinking:

I miss her.

“For mothers are the first educators, the first mentors; and truly it is the mothers who determine the happiness, the future greatness, the courteous ways and learning and judgement, the understanding and the faith of their little ones.”  Baha’i

Haiku-Heights prompt -STORY
prompt – STORY

9 thoughts on “Mother’s Day is Every Day

  1. Well said!! ….. and you know what!! ………. this could be a true story of millions of little girls who think similarly!! I must say you had a very beautiful mom who could put a movie star to shame!! 😉


  2. In such a short post you shared a beautiful lifetime. Every word is so true. I remember how OLD my parents looked (they were younger than I am now). All I know is that I wish she was here.


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