Bridging my Haiku

Thanks to all of you that PRIVATELY sent me e-mails asking if I’m ok after my last Haiku post.  (For those who just want a follow-up haiku, you’ll have to scroll down to the end . . .)

When I write or paint I  just plunk it down – whether it be words or paint.  I plunk rather quickly and only sometimes go back and tweak.  If it takes more than tweaking a word or two, a painted area or so I just delete, or discard. I call it the creative process.  It’s possibly ADD!

When I wrote the Bridge haiku, as per my usual, I just wrote – counting on my figures not to exceed the 17 syllables – of course!

I was too tired to take the time to sit back and reflect because I had been at my office all day, and evening, sitting and back reflecting on what all my clients were feeling!

Haiku #1 for me is just a fact:  Hey!  We are all just in the NOW, even if we keep trying to get here by meditating, reminding and unwinding it’s all in the now.

Silently waiting
straddling my future and past
knowing only now

Our human orientation of “waiting for something in the future – a trip, a cure, an event, a different feeling . . . or dwelling on past hurts, loves, hopes . . ..  Our thoughts rush ahead or dredge up “past nows” while we remain in the present nanosecond.

We can’t be anywhere else except in the

Haiku #2:  This one’s a bit tougher.  I have had – have  – relationships in my life that are very important, very close and are no more – relatives, friends, colleagues, clients, pets, through death, separation and time.  All reside only  in my memory .  Memory is only “human bridge” I’m conscious of while on this earth.

Connections broken

Don’t talk to me of bridges

know I am alone

My belief is that being human is a striving for connection that comes from an inner longing for connection to pure, “unconditional” love.  A yearning so deep that it drives us to behaviours and choices that can create pain which then creates more yearning (and fear of loss).  Not sure if I’m making sense?

It’s deeper for me than an intellectual understanding.  It generates from My Baha’i belief is that our human journey is about loss and detachment.  Detachment, disconnection, from earthly “things”, people, places, labels, longings and experience connection to God’s unconditional love.

autism-cause-1Un-Haiku #3:

Connections broken

Don’t talk to me of bridges

know I am alone

with God.

Nothing more or less

Not for me to understand

just believe

It’s called faith

Haiku #4: Can’t say that my faith is so deep it totally sustains me.  It doesn’t.

I question, I cry

longing for the elusive,

a bridge to somewhere.



17 thoughts on “Bridging my Haiku

  1. Couldn’t post on Haiku heights as got late..didn’t remember the change in the day,..

    Ah, another turn
    and I walk on singing life;
    bridge shines afar


    Bridge shines afar
    and I walk on singing life;
    ah, another turn


  2. I empathise with this

    i question i cry
    looking for the elusive
    bridge to somewhere

    I think it is part of being a certain type of personality and I don’t think great artistic merit comes from being complacent and comfortable.. It is the the sturm und drang that drives us. It is good to be us. You realise this when you are confronted with ordinary people…our
    inner lives are so much richer meaningful and vital. We have gifts with the downside of sensitivity and experiencing a lot of pain…but hey who would you rather be really?:)


  3. Wow, quite powerful Miss J. Indeed we have all experienced our losses on so many levels. I don’t think it ever gets easy; but I feel that those bridges we have built are very strong and eternal in nature. It’s the adjustment of our own perception of our connection to those bridges that seems so difficult. I know I for one am quite stubborn and angered even in not having it my way, but even I adjust in the end and am comforted to know those bridges never die or go away, they just shift and I must shift with them holding them dear to my heart. You see I feel love, true unconditional love is an eternal bridge that bonds us all. Sending you my eternal unconditional bridge of love my dear friend ~ ♥ L


  4. Nothing matters more to us than the special bonds we share with our loved ones, even the answers to questions about faith and finding ourselves comes second… Good to know you are well Judith 🙂


  5. This is a very thought-provoking and sensitive post. The idea that life is all about detaching, letting go, disconnecting form all the earthly things that we come to love and cherish in this life, it at once, profoundly evolved and deeply heart-breaking. In the end, your first haiku , for me at least, offers some solace. All we have is here and now! And the only solace in this life , for me at least, comes in the form of the bridges we build to one another! (Am I making sense?) Peace, Judy!


  6. My mom was very recently diagnosed with stage 4 terminal cancer — we are having quite a journey, and my feelings/thoughts are all over the place – past, present and future with most emphasis on the now … I go from overwhelmed and muddled to clarity … yet I am unable to balance with creativity either painting, words or camera … being away from my grounding beings of fur — adds to the challenge. The bridges to God and our angels/guardians are so important moment by moment — Thank you for sharing both of your posts. xox


    • Becca,
      No matter our beliefs, no matter our situation in life, no matter our age, watching a parent die is watching a piece of us die. It is, I believe, impossible for people, like yourself who deeply feel, not to emotionally rick-o-shay. It’s really not necessary nor possible to find balance right now, there is no balance to be found.

      My Mother died first, unexpectedly. My Mother suffered from intractable pain the last many years of her life so in some way her passing was a relief. My Father had a lingering decline and painful death. Watching and waiting for my Father to die was excruciatingly painful for me. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced relief 9 years later. I have grown to experience a knowing they are both still in me and with me – body and soul.
      My heart goes out to you.
      with love,


    • Hello Becca
      I had suspected something like this. Take care my dear and look after yourself. meditation on what you desire to do is very helpful. If you are not ready for that just sitting quietly helps. With love Tigerbrite.


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