What “Decorates” Your Walls?

And you think I'm weird?

Bob the Blobfish: “And you think I’m weird?”

Laurie Fessler,  AKA Peachy Keen, AKA  hibernationnow.wordpress.com  took me seriously (I think) when I commented on the post she wrote responding to the question WHAT DO YOU DISPLAY ON THE WALLS OF YOUR HOME?”   Here’s another version of my comment. . .

I used to have original works of art – by myself or others. In the last several years I’ve taken them all down and put these up:

  • Bathroom – picture of an arrow above toilet that say’s “go”
  • Bedroom – picture of an arrow above bed that says’ “sleep”
  • Kitchen– picture of a skull and cross-bones on refrigerator that says “Enter at your own risk”
  • Each room of house – picture of an arrow above the other pictures says “Stop! think! Now why did you enter this room? Read the sign if unclear.”

Now I’m looking for a picture to put up that says:

 “Time to redecorate  . . . again . . . ?”

P.S.  Laurie, I WAS KIDDING!!!  However, I do rotate most of the art in and out, take it down, move it to different rooms, spaces and places.  My husband usually notices several months after I’ve changed it up! (I do that with pillows, knickknacks, window coverings and sometimes furniture – I bore easily)

One thought on “What “Decorates” Your Walls?

  1. I guess I should put GULLIBLE in front of Peachy Keen, Jr.
    NOW, Honestly, I believe everything though I did think it did not sound like you at all. We rotate photos and paintings too. Thanks for giving me a good laugh, I’m still laughing at myself. At my age you can do that with joy. Twenty years ago, I would have been horrified and in hiding. Love you, JJ. Peachy Keen “Gullible” Jr. I can’t wait to show Danny this last post!!!


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