The Aftermath of a Health Crisis

Health Crisis

Mind Body And Soul

None unscathed


In the aftermath of all health issues imilar situations, feelings, responses occur for all people trying to find the NEW NORMAL after all chronic physical impairments, illnesses and conditions.

I URGE you to read the rest of this excellent post at My Heart Sisters to have a first person account. 

Dr Keddy goes into detail about the impact of her unexpected heart attack once back home.  Here’s how she begins:

Dr. Barbara Keddy: “It was the worst thing that has ever happened to me and my life has been changed forever. I now have the label of a ‘cardiac patient’. I am a new member of a club I did not want to join and worse, I don’t know the ins and outs of this organization. There is so much to learn and I am dragging my feet as I learn, wishing there was some way to resign from the membership.”

5 comments on “The Aftermath of a Health Crisis

  1. I am with you Judy ..,…… being a diabetic myself with all the associated problems!! I am touched by what Dr Babra Keddy says after being afflicted by an unwanted problem!!

    Cheers!! for good health and happiness!!


    • Barbara,
      I’ll be referring to what you wrote in many places and spaces. Not only do I have clients, friends and colleagues that I will be sharing it with, I plan to bring copies to professional groups where I’ll be presenting. It is a raw, honest and accurate description of what many women and men encounter with life altering conditions, not just heart attack. I’ll SEE to it that your piece will continue to help others!! Thank you for writing it, for Carolyn for posting it and for me to find.

      I so hope my blog followers take the time to read it and pass it on. Whether we realize it or not many of us will experience, directly or indirectly, much of what you write about before we leave this planet.

      with much respect,


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