Cheerfully Schmutzy


Freddie is smutzen!

Freddie got a bath today because he had schmutz on his face.  Schmutz?  It’s a yiddish word that is largely untranslatable.

Here’s an example from the web:
schmutz: “Used by Jewish mothers to identify that you’ve got some kind of “crap” on your face”*

(Good Jewish mothers never use words like crap.  They don’t have to. Schmutz says it all.)

Freddie doesn’t like baths so I explained to him that” “God loveth those who are pure. Naught . . .  in the sight of God is more loved than purity and immaculate cleanliness.” The Báb, Baha’i

He still wanted a treat for his bath ordeal. 
*South German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): nickname for a dirty or slovenly person, from German Schmutz ‘dirt’, Middle High German smuz. South German: nickname for a cheerful person, from a noun derivative of Middle High German smutzen ‘to smile’.

6 comments on “Cheerfully Schmutzy

  1. I am Irish, but I know what schmutz is. Unfortunately most Irish Mothers are not polite especially when it comes to yelling at their children. My Mom would have said, “You have shit on your face….get over here”


  2. Hey Freddie P!
    Looks like you had some totally fun times until Mom decided you needed a bath – you’ll have to tell me the details of how you got that awesome face!!

    I wanted to thank you for posting my “After the Spaw” photo on the site too – I have to say I was feeling pretty good about myself that day – everyone was commenting on how great I looked!! Really appreciate your sharing the pic.

    Hope you’re not working to hard at the office – it’s tough to manage all those people each day, I know. But, that’s what happens when you are so good at what you do – it can be a curse, dude!

    Gotta run – Momma’s due home soon and that means a walk and treats – SCORE!!

    Take it easy, buddy!

    Your K-9 friend,


  3. Shmutz would really really be more like dirt or “something on your sweet face” definitely not crap. we don’t talk like that.Schmutzig has also been used, I have heard to describe a place i.e. a restaurant, we’re not eat there, look at the place, it’s so shmutzig.”
    When I first saw the photo of sweet Freddie and BEFORE i read the post, I could swear that Freddie was wearing a yalmulke from the pink/ red behind him.Take a look. Love, Laurie F. aka Peachy Keen Jr.


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