The Magic of Imagery

My wonderful, wacky, creative friend and colleague Daru Maer and I are doing a presentation at the Imagery International Conference this October.


We’re doing an experiential presentation: “The Magic of the Mask”.

Each of us has done variations of this workshop.  Now we have to combine forces which means I HAVE to go to Oregon where Daru lives so we can plan it.  Right?   RIGHT!  I’m sooooooo looking forward to getting “outa town” as I’ve not been away for over a decade (the perils of working for yourself).

Daru said that the weather is unpredictable in Portland – it may rain in the morning or in the evening or rain all day long.  You never know.

So! I need a favor from all of you: Please IMAGINE SUNSHINE IN THE NORTHWEST UNITED STATES I don’t own an umbrella, rain boots or rain coat.

I’ll let you know if imagery is MAGIC . . .

The Magic of Imagery

   Imagery International’s 5th Conference

October 4-6, 2013 at Mercy Center in Burlingame, California, USA


2 comments on “The Magic of Imagery

  1. really in Oregon? bring anti-depressants. the address is in califiornia so once again i don’t know if you are KIDDING ME. if it was in california I’d be tempted to go. Oregon, no way, anytime of the year. let me know. was in oregon for a week in their “sunny” period. it rained the entire time, most depressing vacation, ever. PK JR.


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