There’ll be a change in the weather, a change in the sea

California Dream’n

Seasons never change

The finest monotony

Every day the same

Haiku-Heights prompt is “Change” AND got this comment from my post The Magic of Imagery. Talk about synchronicity!

“Really in Oregon? bring anti-depressants. the address is in califiornia so once again i don’t know if you are KIDDING ME. if it was in california I’d be tempted to go. Oregon, no way, anytime of the year. let me know. was in oregon for a week in their “sunny” period. it rained the entire time, most depressing vacation, ever.” PK JR.

 Dear PK JR.

Yup, Oregon. Nice change from all this unremitting sunshine and all the horror that goes with it:

  • Always slathering my body with ooey gooey sunscreen
  • Watching hundreds of women at the beach wearing bikinis with bodies like Jennifer Anniston. (excruciating)
  • Green Christmases
  • Yearning to feel the way Gene Kelly did when he danced around light poles in <em>Singing in the Rain</em>.
  • Getting my coif totally messed up from riding in convertibles
  • The energy it takes to wash off sand and grit after a day at the beach (No one understands the true grit one has to have to live here)
  • The monotony of one day after the other, after the other, after the other with the same weather.
  • The hours it takes dead-heading flowers that bloom all year long.
  • The expense of watering lawns that never go dormant.

And the very worst – not being a “morning” person and always waking up to sunshine.  Now THAT’S agony.

“Why, there’s a change in the weather, there’s a change in the sea,

So from now on there’ll be a change in me,

Why, my walk will be be different, and my talk, and my name,
Nothing about me gonna be the same;
I’m gonna change my way of living, and that ain’t no shock,
Why, I’m thinking of changin’ the way I gotta set my clock,
Because nobody wants you when you’re old and gray.
There’s gonna be some changes made today,
There’ll be some changes made.”

This post is dedicated to Laurie Fessler who never ceases to inspire me.  

Check out her blog HibernationNow and you’ll see why . . .

5 thoughts on “There’ll be a change in the weather, a change in the sea

  1. Oregon is one of my absolute states and states of mind. Travelling west to east, there are the shifting dunes and Florence, in the middle the verdant Willamette Valley, the 3 sister’s mountains, Eugene, Crater Lake with Wizard Island, Burns in the desert with temps over a hundred and the air so dry, you don’t get sweaty, national forests and national treasures — including a favo(u)rite bro-in-law.
    Not surprisingly, Oregon was one of the states that saw an increase in “migration” from other states again this year.
    Of course, there is the other “stuff,” like pollen counts so high, folks wear facial masks outside (it’s a fashion accessory), depending on your tv tastes, rumo(u)r has it that Springfield, Eugene’s poorer sister, might be the home of the Simpsons. Some nasty crimes have taken place.
    Eugene was (at least in the 1980s) the kind of place where people smiled and said hello, you could stop and give some one a hand, students at the university look happier than stressed.
    And, the state is not without it’s punsters — my inlaws live in area called “sunshine acres” near Eugene, I kid you not!


  2. After 27 years in rainy western Oregon (where most of the population lives) it’s been a blessing to spend the last two winters in central California. Sunshine in winter! Calla lilies and lemon blossoms in January. I LOVED it. Nice hiaku, BTW. 😉


  3. Western Oregon is wet, Central and East are dry (mostly). “Snapshot” characterizations could lead PK JR to think an elephant is shaped like a snake…


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