Courage and Creative Expression. Do you (I) have what it takes?

I just commented to a friend that “life is not to be lived in hiding or fear despite our circumstances”.  Yes, I know, I know – easier said than done.  Yes, I know, I know – we need to learn what we teach.  And yes, I have to remind myself every day that worthwhile things are never easy.

Just after making the comment I read this post from Advanced Style.

Ari Seth Cohen is the author and photographer.  He writes about a woman he saw on the street and asked to photograph her.  Here’s part of his post – it’s worth the read to see that authenticity (in any mode, medium or expression) can be colorful, freeing and best of all out courageously in the open.



“After I [Ari ] took Diana’s photograph she shared a story with me. She told me that she was dining at a restaurant when a man approached her and  said, ” You know, when you see an elephant in a room, you run the other way.” Diana told me that she was hurt by these cruel words, but she didn’t let this stop her from wearing what makes her feel comfortable.”

“I later found out that Diana started wearing different scarves and head embellishments due to the  effects of a medical condition. Since recovering she continues to wear her turbans and wraps and has a renewed sense of freedom.

See another picture of Diana and read the entire post at: Having Courage to Play Dress-up

3 thoughts on “Courage and Creative Expression. Do you (I) have what it takes?

  1. When I see an elephant in the room I sit down and talk to her. They always have such interesting things to say. And they never forget anything. So don’t play Trivial Pursuit with one. They always win. (Loved the website)


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