Travel expands my mental health

Thar she blows!  (Mt Hood, active volcano)

Thar she blows! (Mt Hood, active volcano)

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaack.

Just before I left I read Travel can Boost Your Mental Health.   Everything in that article was soooooooooo true:

1.  An added benefit . . .  travel . . .  serves as a reprieve for the mind. Plus, . . . it’s been noted how travel actually expands the mind as well”. Travel expanded my waistline too.

2.  Traveling allows the mind to expand and literally see the world in a new and different way,” Sarah Jensen

Expanding my mind

EXPANDING my mind by seeing the world through cutlery

3.  Changes and detours in schedule, if necessary, must be accommodated, and honing in on map skills stimulates the thinking process.” Daru was a wonderful tour guide who took me everywhere even though her back hurt more and more everyday . . .  until it went out completely the day before I left.  She even took me to see a typical Portland doctor’s office.

4.  “She [Jensen] advocates that traveling allows for flexibility; while you may plan your trip to a T, there’s always an unpredictable component in the nature of these rendezvous.”
judy floored

judy floored

At my age, it’s hysterically funny, rather than embarrassing, when I fall off an ottoman in a Moroccan restaurant. 

Read the entire article before your next trip so you know what to expect – click here.

P.S.  I’m not officially baaaaaaack yet so don’t call me, I’ll call you.

One thought on “Travel expands my mental health

  1. Looks like you had some fun, a nice break from “responsibilities” (meaning me first for a while), and did you bring home those nifty flatware spectacles? Thanks for sharing your excursion!


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