Leaving the Nest, Baby Barn Owls

I’ve followed the incubation, hatching and NOW leaving the nest from a LIVE feed from Audubon Starr Ranch*

They have planted camera’s inside and outside the tree nest of Barn Owls.    To see all 3 baby Barn Owls be patient and watch the video to the end.  

Leaving home seems to be similar across many species!

*Click LIVE feed and see what the babies are up to at this moment!

From Audubon Starr Ranch Sanctuary auduboncalifornia@audubon.org viaThe three Starr Ranch Barn Owls have fledged and are coming and going during the night. As they join the population of other Barn Owls and wildlife in general, finding their niche, they return with new skills to the cavity and limb we have on display,”Witness some interesting behavior as they get better and better at flying and, we hope, hunting on their own. The video on the right gives a great example of the things that can happen as, bit by bit, they develop their ability to survive in the wild. Click to see if this one stuck the landing — it’s kinda comical.””You can tune in here to see the live feed of their home cavity and frequently used limb. The cam runs 24/7. Also, scroll through the comments — you guys have been leaving some great notes and pics.””Tune in tonight and see what happens next!”

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