Daily rituals of creative minds

brain-mri-new-1I THOUGHT I had a creative mind until reading the article Daily Rituals of Creative Minds.

The article talks about Mason Currey’s book Daily Rituals: How Artists Work.” His goal, he says, is “…to show how grand creative visions translate to small daily increments; how one’s working habits influence the work itself, and vice versa.”

A few of the examples he gives are:

Joan Miró exercised vigorously. According to Currey, his routine included: “boxing in Paris; jumping rope and Swedish gymnastics at a Barcelona gym; and running on the beach and swimming at Mont-roig, a seaside village where his family owned a farmhouse . . .”

Truman Capote had to write in bed. In 1957 he told The Paris Review: “I am a completely horizontal author.”

Maya Angelou keeps a hotel room to work “– a tiny, mean room with just a bed, and sometimes, if I can find it, a face basin. I keep a dictionary, a Bible, a deck of cards and a bottle of sherry in the room.”

Made my creative mind wonder what my rituals are.

  • Get out of bed in California
  • Say my Baha’i morning prayer
  • Get dressed, sometimes standing, sometimes sitting.
  • Eat standing up and sitting down
  • Take Freddie for a walk in California
  • Go to work in California
  • Listen to clients, sitting upright
  • Drive home in a car, sitting upright
  • Eat standing up or sitting down
  • Get undressed in my own bedroom
  • Go to bed in California

I think I need new rituals.  Maybe take up boxing in France, exercise at a Barcelona gym and buy a seaside villa where I can swim . . before I get creative laying down drinking sherry.

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