Where Mermaids Fly & Pigs Swim

       It’s Heavenly

In a place nearby

mermaids fly through the sky

and pigs swim, 

on a whim.

One day you’ll know

if you follow their flow.

Just keep your eye on the ground

your feet in the air

hold your nose with your toes

There’s time to spare.

Know there is more.

Wonderous sights in store

waaay beyond blue sky.

to meet your third eye

 So feel the waves of the breeze

waft through your knees

and the currents above

float you with love.

*Carla Sonheim’s sweet mermaid inspired me.  Carla always make me smile with her whimsical creatures.  I’ve taken several of her on-line classes and recommend them all.  Her how-to draw books replace the fear of art with whimsy and fun!

The Bahai faith teaches:

“It is good to laugh. Laughter is spiritual relaxation.”


3 comments on “Where Mermaids Fly & Pigs Swim

  1. Thanks Judy, for pulling me here for this beautiful treat…had been stuck last some days with meetings & meetings ..

    Hope you are looking at the Haiku I have been writing..



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