Don’t hold your breath to see . . . . . if ‘you’ve got mail’


Freddie’s nose

Oh my goodness gracious sakes alive!  Did you know that reading emails or hunching over a screen can activate our fight-or-flight response??????

Linda Stone, a researcher , who has studied the physiological effects of Internet use has shown that about 80 percent of people temporarily stop breathing or breathe shallowly when they check their email or look at a screen.  She calls this email apnea!

“The Web often has important content that requires action or a response — for example, an assignment from the boss or engagement photos from a close friend — so people anticipate this and hold their breath as they look at their screens.”

“. . . breath-holding sets off a physiological cascade that prepares the body to face potential threats or anticipate surprises. Constantly activating this physical response can have negative health consequences, Stone said.

Somewhere out there a techie-entrepreneur is inventing an E-pap machine . . .
 . . . but don’t hold your breath.

Freddie holding his breath

Freddie, holding his breath

3 thoughts on “Don’t hold your breath to see . . . . . if ‘you’ve got mail’

    • Dear Rosemary Lee, Human Being,

      Thank you for recognizing how adorable I’ve become. However, judy, human being did not think I was adorable when I peed in the house yesterday. I picked a spot on the carpet that was out of the way-yet noticeable, eliminated not too little – not too much. All in all I was trying to be very considerate. What more can a human being ask, I ask you?

      Adorably yours,
      Freddie Parker Westerfield, Canine Dog


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