Freddie Goes to the Salon

Dear all Human Beings,

I went to the Salon today.  My Human Being said I was getting dread locks and needed a summer Doggie Do.

I got a facial, a pedicure, and a lovely massage bath.  I also got my teeth brushed, my ears cleaned and they did something behind my back that I didn’t care for.  Frankly, I saw no need to go to the salon as I rather liked the Doggie-Do my Aunt Cathy, human being gave me the day before.  Here’s my Doggie-Do before picture.  Rad!

Doggie-Do by Cathy

Doggie-Do by Aunt Cathy                                                              A Walk on the Wild Side

My Human Being waited the entire 4 1/2 hours I was there just to make sure I was getting good treatment.  She didn’t complain but she said her haircuts only took one hour and were less expensive.

They were very nice to me and I got some very delicious cookies.  My Human Being wanted to take a picture of the cookies to show you because they looked very delicious but I ate them.  And here’s my picture after I left the Salon

After, Official Portrait

After, Official Portrait

After, Informal snap shot

After, Informal snap shot

10 thoughts on “Freddie Goes to the Salon

  1. Hey, Freddie P – what’s up dude?
    I REALLY like your “rad do” before you went to the salon – maybe because it looks a lot like mine sometimes!! 🙂 But you’re such a photogenic dude, you look great after your salon day too!
    Not much new going on around my place – still guarding the house and kitties while Momma’s at work all day – for the life of me, I can’t understand why she chooses to go there all week instead of staying home with me and the kitties – ???? She tells me something about needing to have “money” (?) to buy kibbies & treats for all of us – so I guess the means justifies the end, cuz the kitties and I just LOVE both kibbies and treats!!!
    Gotta run, dude – stay cool and please keep updating me on your “happenings”.
    Wags to ya!!


    • Dear Remi(ngton), Canine-Dog,
      Do not complain that your Human-being goes to work to buy you treats. Treats are a good thing.
      Do not complain that your Human-being leaves you to guard kitties. Chasing kitties is a fun thing.
      You get the run of the place, eat treats and have Kittie-pets! I don’t have any pets but I do get to eat treats.

      You kinda look like me are very handsome too.

      Freddie Parker, Canine-Dog
      P.S. I wrote you earlier but somehow it didn’t get posted . . . probably because my Human-Being made me get off the computer and I didn’t get to click.


    • Dear ALL my fellow Canine Dogs and Human-Beings who commented on my new, clean shaven look.

      You are all my best buddies and buddettes cuz you wrote. Your human-beings are very kind to give you a computer. I have to use my human-beings computer. I like it because it is an APPLE and I love all sorts of fruit. One of my favorites is banana. I would like a bannana computer.

      Even though I do believe I am much more handsome with a bit more body hair, I will admit it is cooler not having 2 inches of hair all over my torso. My human-being gets groomed every day. She never has more than 1/4 of an inch of hair all over her body.

      Yours in fellowship,
      Freddie Parker Westerfield, Canine Dog


  2. Dear Freddie, You look positively handsome-licious! I need to go to the salon too, when I do I will send you a photo of the new and improved me!
    Love and Licks, Tootsie


  3. Dear Pal Freddie,
    Dude, I hate to say this but you kinda look like a, sniff, sniff girl dog now. I know, right. Tell your human mama, not to wait 4 hours for anything. I thought you looked awesome before. You are looking a little too poofy and pretty (not that there is anything wrong with that) You are an awesome dog, Fred, but I think you should have a talk with your human. 4 hours? You should call the ASPCA for cruelty to doggies in hair salons. Love, Lexi-Pro


  4. My dear Freddie…..Buster feels the same way. He loves the cookies but, in his words, he likes being a rag dog. The new do looks dapper but as soon as he gets home he rolls in the grass. You do look spiffy!!!


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