The Fibro-Freddie Fix

After, Informal snap shot

YOUR Freddie dose

Dear all my Humane-Being friends and admirers,

As you already know my human-being has fibromyalgia & heart arrhythmias. (It would be impossible for you not to know because she reminds everyone all the time).  However,  you may not know that:

she has found a CURE !!!

THE BEST  medication she regularly takes is a dose of Freddie.    I’m always available, no prescription needed and I give her as many  refills as she wants, whenever she wants (I’m pretty sure she’s addicted).

 I may be more expensive than her other meds.  She rudely pointed this out today by waving the $162.72 Vet bill – I have a small ear infection – at me.  I promptly gave her another dose of Freddie.

Since I’m in charge of refills it can be exhausting keeping up with her need for a  fix.  (Treats, walks and sleep have to be regularly injected into my “capsule”).

Faithfully yours,

Freddie Parker Westerfield, Canine Dog

P.S.  Before I forget – check out


NFA Facebook has a humongous amount of information – lots’a questions & answers, research news, short videos on things that I provide relief from. (I’m not suppose to end a sentence with a proposition but I love propositions – like proposing to go for a rest right now).  Time for my refill.

Me, getting my refill

Me, getting a refill

7 comments on “The Fibro-Freddie Fix

  1. Suggest you bottle “Essence du Freddie”, could be a money-maker! We’ve been pretty much living on Ozzy and Duffy refills for 10+ years. Dog-cure IS the best!


    • Dear Uncle Rick, Human-Being,
      “Essence du Freddie”, I like it very much. Collection might be a problem. The difficulty I foresee is that the minute I start having “essence” I get a bath (of which I have very little say).

      Faithfully yours,
      Freddie Parker, Canine Dog


  2. I’m a huge fan!! Freddie…just keep on giving your human refills any time she wants. (yes, we all remind everyone that we have Fibromyalgia) Buster sends his regards and is joining you for a refill on the couch right now. He says he’s with you in spirit.


    • Dear Buster, Canine Dog
      Please tell your human-being that she has special Freddie FAN status.
      After you fill up on the couch Buster you can let your human-being know.

      Freddie Parker Westerfield, Canine Dog


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