Freddie & Penelope Pig Finding Boredom in Creativity

Here’s the Finding Confidence in Your Creativity workshop: This was all done in two hours.  AMAZING group!

We did Graffiti Boards – scribbled down the messages our inner critics tell us about how we aren’t “creative”, “talented” blah blah blah.  AND THEN WE WROTE  OUR RESPONSES and painted, painted and painted.

As you can see Freddie was a bit bored once the painting started and doggie treats stopped.  Freddie and Penelope Pig kept each other company.  (Penelope lives in my office)

P.S.  The first group picture at the very bottom wasn’t quite the response I wanted so I MADE everyone look like they had fun.

DSCN4665 DSCN4666 DSCN4668 DSCN4669 DSCN4670 DSCN4671 DSCN4673 DSCN4674 DSCN4675 DSCN4676 DSCN4677 DSCN4678 DSCN4679 DSCN4680 DSCN4682 DSCN4693 DSCN4695

2 thoughts on “Freddie & Penelope Pig Finding Boredom in Creativity

  1. I had a great time at the Creative Confidence workshop. It was fun to pick out my “colors of creativity” and see what I came up with. I actually painted my “Tree of Love” picture that I’d been planning to do for so long! It was extra special to have Freddie there, too. He’s a very sweet and adorable dog who doubles as a therapy dog for those of us who “have issues!”


    • Dear Sandhya, Human Being,
      Thank you for the compliments. You are obviously a very discerning human being to recognize how sweet and adorable I am. I must admit it comes naturally.

      Adorably yours,
      Freddie Parker Westerfield, Canine Dog


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