Like a horse takes to water . . .

Watch the Woodstock Sanctuary people prove that you can lead a horse to water and make him drrrrrrrrr . . . whoops sorry wrong species . . .

For the first time in their lives two dozen recently rescued ducks get their first taste of life in a pond. They had been living for years with a hoarder who had them in pens without adequate access to water or proper nutrition.”

Read the full story at…

Thanks Sharon for sending this.  

You are “ducky” in the best sense of the word!

2 thoughts on “Like a horse takes to water . . .

  1. A definite picker upper. Love it. While driving my car home from my mom’s I had to swerve to the other lane and let the duck/geese cross the road. Every car did the same thing. Good thing there was no traffic in the other direction. It was all done, matter of fact. As if there was any other way… Love, PK Jr.


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