The HeArt of Spirituality & Creativity, week 1

Great group of women.  (Why oh why do so many men shy away from these kind of workshops?)

We painted the covers of journal notebooks with acrylic paint.  It was a 5 step process painting.  First step was the color of spirituality. The next 3 steps were spirituality in childhood, early adulthood, current time.  The last step was the colors of God (or whatever spiritual belief greater than them self they had)

Each step was done VERY quickly and layers of paint are built up on their journal covers.

The journals were wonderful.  Sorry that the lighting and my camera know-how were lacking as the journals are very bright and colorful.

Next one is coming up this Friday!  Check out the information here on the Workshop Schedule Page.

In the meantime here are some pictures.

The HeART of Spirituality, June 2013

The HeART of Spirituality,
June 2013













4 comments on “The HeArt of Spirituality & Creativity, week 1

  1. I have never ascribed a color to spirituality until I saw these journals, and the enjoyment of these women sharing their own talent. Each is as unique and colorful as the women who can proudly own and display them. Thank you for brightening my day and giving me a new perspective on spirituality. I am definitely going to give that some thought!


    • Laurie,
      I’ve been down too (not sure if it’s a depression or a low . . .). That’s why I pushed myself to start up some workshops. People give me pleasure – especially smiling people.
      much love always,


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