I’m Waaaaaay Ahead of My Time . . .

DSCN4747Ever throw a party and no one shows up?  I spent about 3 hours this week setting up the Friday night 2 hour HeART of Spirituality & Creativity workshop.  I thought of EVERYTHING, paint, canvas tarp, plastic aprons, set out name tags, cut paper for the journals . . . 7 RSVP’s, 7 places neatly arranged with hand-outs, glue sticks, pens, pencils, paper towels . . . even cut the lemon cake I bought for refreshments . . .

6:30 start time and no one is there except me.  6:35 the first participant, Rachel, arrives.  Rachel and I chat.  She’s says the traffic was really heavy.  I check my phone messages.  .  Rachel and I chat.  I check my e-mail messages.  Rachel and I chat.

I’m starting to think that the typo mistake I made on all the hand-outs for August 9th wasn’t a typo.  Rachel leaves at 7:00 pm.  I eat the lemon cake.

See you all next Friday, August 9th at 6:30 pm . . .

(Turns out I had sent Rachel an e-mail confirming August 2nd – Rachel is always on time)

4 comments on “I’m Waaaaaay Ahead of My Time . . .

  1. Hi Judy, I’m so sorry about the mix-up with the date for the next Heart of Spirituality meeting. JoAnne and I both wondered when the event was actually happening and we both checked your Meetup page to confirm it said August 9th. I am someone who often gets mixed up about calendar dates and times, so I understand how it could have happened to you, too. Let’s make us for this glitch by having an extra fun time next Friday, August 9th!


  2. I often get ahead of myself on the calendar — convinced it’s next week, when it isn’t. Can you leave everything as it is (minus the lemon cake) til the 9th or is that space needed before then?


  3. Oh my goodness. That’s a recurrent nightmare of mine – that I’ll show up for one of my women’s heart health presentations to an auditorium that seats 120 and there will be only one person show up . . . One is worse than none, because if it was “none”, you could just pack up and quietly go home with no witnesses.

    Reminds me of a very sad story: when my ex David was a little boy, his mother planned a lovely birthday party for him and his school pals. Games, balloons, homemade birthday cake, just a lovely party. Trouble was: David shared a birthday with his little neighbour, Artie Smith (of the E.D. Smith Jam Company-Smiths). At Artie’s lavish birthday party down the street that same afternoon, his parents had booked magicians, face-painting, and pony rides (plus games, balloons, and cake – no doubt, jam cake!) Unbeknownst to David, Artie had been spreading the word all week at school about his fabulous birthday festivities coming up on the weekend.

    Not one child showed up for David’s party! Except his little brother Peter, who had to come. Everybody who had been invited was over at Artie Smith’s party instead. Doesn’t it just break your heart to picture the two little boys, sitting patiently on the living room couch, their hair combed neatly and wearing their best freshly-ironed little shirts, waiting and waiting for guests who never come?

    Bet you can relate. Have fun on the 9th!! 🙂


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