Freddie’s Fundamentals of Life


Christina Viera, Advanced Style

Dear Human-beings,

If you’re confused about your direction in life never, ever, NEVER  lie down in the street.  It’s not safe, not comfortable, not clean. Keep walking and sniffing. You will always find something to claim as territory and leave your mark.  Trust me, it will  be a big “relief”.

Fundamentally yours,

Freddie Parker Westerfield, CDT

Canine Dog Therapist

P.S.  My Human-being has been lying in the middle of the street for a while.  I have to be very patient with her . . . it’s hard being human.

2 comments on “Freddie’s Fundamentals of Life

  1. I too have been lying in the street a lot lately. Well if I could get outside by myself I would be, I’m pretty sure I’d fall in the street anyway. : ) I know I wouldn’t have the energy to get back up.

    PS…I love Advanced Style!

    sorry I haven’t been around much. I’ve been trying to read and keep up, but hurt my shoulder and haven’t been able to type for a while, and I’ve been down for a while and that gets in the way of my life. I don’t like to be depressed, I’m just not that person.

    I will try to be around more and more.


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