Easy “P”easy Freddie

Freddie P. resting after exhausting doggie door lesson

Freddie Parker Westerfield. Little did I know when we kept the “Parker” his foster family named him that Freddie would continue to embrace the “P“.  

Freddie I surmise, in being neglected, learned to pee wherever and whenever the urge urged.

After several months of exhaustively walking him day and night to make sure he was on “empty” and after several gallons of Nature’s Miracle Freddie got a doggie door.  (For those of you who aren’t familiar – Nature’s Miracle is a miracle.  It is a natural enzyme that you POUR on urine.  It MIRACULOUSLY eliminates odors and stains.)

I watched YouTube video instructions “How to Train a Dog to Use a Dog Door”: Dog inside the house, human on the outside with treats; Dog on outside of door, human inside with treats.

Freddie is very smart and on the first day he quickly learned how to push the door open.  Easy “P”easy.

Freddie is VERY smart and on the second day, while I was outside calling “Use your door”, Freddie was peeing inside before bounding through his doggie door eager to get his treat.

4 comments on “Easy “P”easy Freddie

  1. Oh no! Now, Freddie! Your human will be much happier if you pee outside. They have inferior noses and can’t talk that way. You’ll get more treats. You’re “cute.” Humans like that. Scout


  2. Ha Ha Ha , I mean that’s a bad dog thing you did Freddie, bad dog thing. Meanwhile, you are highly intelligent and if your twinkle (not to be confused with tinkle) gives my friend Judith a twinkle in her eye, spot on. I was just starting to worry about Peachy Keen herself so thank you Freddie for staying in touch.
    Look, a dog’s got to eat. It’s foremost on our minds. I’m the same way and so is my human believe it or not. She loves to eat funny combinations of food and she has been on a dessert diet (I think that’s an oxymoron) for the last 4 weeks. Life is short, everyone needs to have fun. I heard your mom is a therapist, tell her to “therapize” herself and you. YOU obviously need attention. Talk to her about HER. I know you are reacting to something….we always do. Have her talk to my mom if you want. She tends to disappear communication wise….am I right? Love and kisses, Lexi-Pro


  3. My cat is a lot like Freddie when it comes to peeing. When I rescued her, she was ill with a bladder infection and later she developed a serious kidney infection. She still pees free-style around the house even though she knows how to use the litter box and does use it about half the time. I have placed foam pads all over the spots where I know she’s going to pee, and when she does, I just take the pads outside and hose them off and let them dry. Her nicknames include “Pee Lady” and “Bad PeePee Lady” but I love her all the same!


  4. Freddie is so phunny!! (I’ll keep using the “P” too) He’s also very smart…..he has you on the other side of the door!! Don’t you love Nature’s Miracle…..it works….and I know this from experience as well. I don’t know what people do to these babies!!!


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