San Francisco, here I is

Hunka Hunka Brain-Wash Laundry

Hunka Hunka Brain-Wash Laundry

Just arrived in San Francisco after a “harrowing” plane trip.  Actually the harrowing part is in the airport when the plane I am to board turns out to be a tad bigger than an SUV.  I’m not scared of flying EXCEPT in small planes (Probably some neurotic thinking that if the plane crashes I have lots of company).

Arriving early I have ample time to nervously watch the teeny tiny plane I going to board.


Graffiti !!!!


Wringer Washing Machine at Brain-Wash Cafe

Once boarded I bury my head in The GIANT $1.00 book of EASY Crossword puzzles  and polish them off at a rate that is in keeping with my beating heart.

(Actually it was good for my beating heart since for the last week I’ve had severe arrhythmia and light headedness due to a medication.  But I digress, that’s another story) . . .

. . . my harrowing plane flight shocks my heart into a regular, if not rapid, pattern.  After an hour flight we land safely, ahead of schedule, and sit on the tarmac for 35 minutes waiting for gate clearance.  I rather enjoy the wait because all wheels are now on solid ground.DSCN4847

Why am I here?  My friend and colleague Daru (yes, THE  Daru-of-my-other-out-of-town-adventures) are  presenting at the International Imagery Conference.  Today we spent the day putting together . . .  er polishing . .  .our presentation (wouldn’t want the conference organizers to think we are not prepared).

Local Color

Local Color

The New & Old

The New & Old

We took a walk for lunch to the Brain-Wash Cafe.  How cool is that?!!!!!!  A combined laundromat and cafe!!!!!!!  If we had known about it we would have saved some of our dirty laundry.  But I digress,

Dog Friendly City

Dog Friendly City

that’s another story . . .

6 comments on “San Francisco, here I is

  1. I’ve been on prop planes; the advantage was the plane could never fly too high, so I got to see from the air familiar terrain. Closest yet to my two wishes: to go up in a hot air balloon, and to go in one of those glider planes that are towed behind a plane, then the link is broken, and the glider drifts with the wind (with a pilot, of course).
    Hope the rest of your trip (the first part of your blog shows up in my readers page. I’ll see if I can catch up on your time after the flying SUV — was it powered by flubber?


    • Oh my goodness Lorraine Phylor! Just reading your wish list of hot air balloning, glider planes made my heart beat fast and my stomach churn. NO WAY NO HOW! You would have to drug me and put me in a gunny sack to get me to do that, much less PAY to do it.


      • I feel the same way about driving a car. My hands sweat, my heart is almost beating out of my chest, my vision gets blurry. I might as well be in a gunny sack. Good thing I don’t have my license and our car is not an automatic.


    • Oops, didn’t mean to make your heart race! I’ll keep my confessions of what’d like to do to myself — I certainly don’t want to scare anybody. So, I won’t mention Patagonia or the Andes, . . . . Have a good time in San Francisco with no scary thoughts allowed!


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