A “bicycle” built for 3

After sleeping until 11:30 am we hit the town.  Went to the Ferry Building which is now bereft of ferrys (the kind that float, not the kind that fly) and filled with shops and restaurants and people.  September & October are the months to visit San Francisco – wonderful weather!

Then, OF COURSE, we returned and worked on polishing our presentation for the International Imagery Conference.  One more day of sight-seeing . . . er polishing . . . before Daru and I head to Burlingame for the conference.

Here’s your picture post-card from our ferry trip:


Ferry Building


Inside Ferry Building


Mushroom shop mushrooms


More mushroom shop mushrooms


A building with BLUE sky


Some more mushroom shop mushrooms


Golden Gate Bridge


Even MORE mushrooms from mushroom shop


Proof there is a mushroom shop


Insult & affront to pigs everywhere


Pedicab, up close and personal


The End
bye bye

2 comments on “A “bicycle” built for 3

  1. Thanks so much for sharing your great pictures and experience of San Francisco. What beautiful weather! I love the picture of you and Daru. She is a wonderful friend of mine. So glad you two are having so much fun, loved your comment about ferry’s not the ones that fly, that made me smle. Thanks again


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