Are you inspired yet?

In the past several weeks I’ve had new clients who were in pain and/or stressed to the breaking point. As I teach them the quickest, easiest way that lowers the stress response ( I hear the saying:  “You teach what you need to learn” echoing in my mind.

Today I saw this sign jpeg “You teach what you need to learn” echoes again in my mind.

The other thing I often teach is “Don’t WAIT to feel inspired (or loving, or grateful – put in any word you choose)  ACT that way and the feelings will follow.”

I‘m a bit tired and achy today and not feeling very inspired OR inspiring.  The best action of inspiration I can muster up is to post the sign on the blog.  I’ll let you know when inspiring feelings hit me . . . Let me know if they hit you first.

6 comments on “Are you inspired yet?

  1. Hmm, very timely. Did not get some business I’d hoped for and when I received requested feedback on my presentation from the client, under all of their critique was the realization that I had NOT INSPIRED THEM sufficiently, or perhaps at all. While I worked hard on preparing, perspiration did not equal inspiration, and it’s obvious which is more important to others.


    • Rick,
      Love the Perspiration does not equal Inspiration!
      Yup that’s why SALESmen sold snake oil, QVC makes millions and people like Tony Robbins have more than one house in more than one country.
      FACTs rarely matter – the world’s best politicians know that.


  2. Well, I think I’m caught up on reading your blog. I do not understand why I haven’t been getting updates in my email. I actually came over here to see if you were alright. Imagine my surprise at the plethora of posts I have missed!
    Sounds like you had a very prosperous trip.
    I hope the arrhythmia gets straightened out. I’m sure that is tiring, and worrisome.

    Always the inspiration, I will now feed your fish on my way out for the day, an check to find out why your posts are going to my email!

    Happy to see you are out and about, and blogging! (much more than I have been)


    • Wendy,
      so nice to “see” you here. Actually I’ve been hit & miss with the posting but have had a spurt lately. Haven’t been on the computer much so am not up on anyone else’s blog – including yours. So I need to get busy and revisit my friends!
      The fish love it when you visit!


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