Sticks & Stones May Break My Bones but Rejection Feels GOOD

intriga090400013Pain Rx: Make inappropriate, insulting or degrading comments to people you know, barely know or don’t know at all!!!!!!!!!!!!  Here’s proof it works:

 Excerpt from Sticks and Stones: Brain Releases Natural Painkillers During Social Rejection

“Over more than a decade, U-M work has shown that when a person feels physical pain, their brains release chemicals called opioids into the space between neurons, dampening pain signals.”

“David T. Hsu, Ph.D., the lead author of the new paper, says the new research on social rejection grew out of recent studies by others, which suggests that the brain pathways that are activated during physical pain and social pain are similar.”

To read the entire research article click on the title

My back is really hurting, could use a bit of brain opioids . . . mmmm, I wonder if it works with blogs? . . .  you fools! . . . nope, guess I need to insult you in person to get my opioid hit . . .

8 comments on “Sticks & Stones May Break My Bones but Rejection Feels GOOD

  1. Partially explains why I take so much pleasure in my sales career from client rejection! Tell me no some more, I can take it (and even LIKE it)!


      • Yes, but remember — you inspired me to use the phrase “a social pain in the brain.” You can also use “I’m social media dyslexic” if you like.
        Maybe we should start a line of buttons and t-shirts with such sayings — even the inspiring ones. Do you remember how to tie die?


          • Then we should have a coast to coast online tie-dye party. Wish I could Skype — oh well we can exchange pix of our work.
            And the more needle craft friendly folks (count me out of this one) can embroidery slogans like “a social pain in the brain”, “social media dyslexic” (with nothing against dyslexia — I got several kinds!) or any other witty, charming, or inspiration quotes. (Richard Bach’s Illusions is good for those, as are many other musical, literary, etc folks (and ourselves of course.)
            We could also have a contest to sent the winner of one of the categories: the best slogan; tie-die shirt; embroidery (or sales) gets a trip to San Fran — especially haight ashbury and of course, as judges, we should chaperone, lol.
            And hey, just thought of a challenge for me, and anybody else who’d like to: a quote a day — many folks do it. But not just the quotes you get from the quote sites. Quotes from favorite books, music, you or someone else’s “private diary” or blog, cartoon, television and movie folks.
            The quote could be thought-provoking, evocative, or silly. My template has a place at the top of my side bar just for quotes (It’s time I did anyway)
            So, I think we should (at some convenient point) ask folks to do a quote a day (if can), think of slogans, and the best colors, etc. for tie-dye, and a lesson in batik which, if I were artistic, I would definitely try.
            Am I being over ambitious (for me)? And, the trip to San Fran was tongue in cheek. I don’t know anything about arranging internet payments. But, I do know a printing company that had good rates, and have seen an tv add for a t-shirt company that you can design the t-shirt, and they’ll do one to one thousand (more you order) cheaper the price.
            I’m running (on empty) these days, and I’ve had a half glass of wine tonight (and some at my sis in laws last night). This can cause grandiose ideas even more than bipolar disorder.
            And, hi Freddie — I’m not sure I’ve stopped by and personally identificated myself.


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