Fabulous Idea!!! (If I don’t say so myself)

In New York, a famous artist Banksy (I never heard of him but I’m still stuck in the 20th century) set up a street stand and sold his art for $60 – one of which sold for “$249,000 at auction this summer.!

He made $450 in one day!

intriga090400013Idea!  Take your art work sell it on the street with the sign:  Almost famous artwork. or Collect Collectible Art! or Get it while it’s cheap!

            If I could make $450 a day I could quit my day job!


Selling is ALL in the technique

Want proof? Here’s the article: Collectible Art At Street Prices: Banksy Sells Pieces For $60

6 comments on “Fabulous Idea!!! (If I don’t say so myself)

  1. In Halifax, NS there was a fellow who made himself poet laureate at a mall. He had a sliding scale for contributions so he could continue to be a mall poet laureate. Signs of things to come (not me) poet laureate of fb; or imacs; or smart phones.


  2. Either your attention span or math (both?) sucks. Accorign to the video and graphics, the street art guy made $420, and if Banksy (who is now in residence here in Denver) was also charging $60 and sold one for $249,000 at auction, he made $248,840 “in one day”…by my math, that one sale was equal to 592.76 days of one-a-day at $420 per day, so you could quit your job for 1.62 years, but who’s counting? I’ll take two “Judys” just to start the whole thing off!


    • Attention math span and attention span both suck, majorly suck.
      I gotta get famous first before I make $248,840 in one day so, in the meantime, before I become famous, $420/day sounds good to me to do something I love to do and then just sit, yawn, eat and kiss . . . in reverse order.

      P.S. If Bugsy is in Denver start walking the downtown streets!
      P.P.S. I want a cut in the money made for the lead.


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