An apple a day . . . Some people are predisposed to focus on the negative

Instead of mothers always taking the blame for our “stuff” fathers can now be included.  . . .  or .  . . maybe we can shift ALL the blame to the fathers . . . (Eve may have been more of an optimist than Adam since she wasn’t afraid to take a bite  . . .   Aha!)

IMG_0021A new study by a University of British Columbia researcher finds that some people are genetically predisposed to see the world darkly.”

“The study, published in Psychological Science, finds that a previously known gene variant can cause individuals to perceive emotional events – especially negative ones – more vividly than others.”

“These individuals may be more likely to pick out angry faces in a crowd of people,” says Todd. “Outdoors, they might notice potential hazards – places you could slip, loose rocks that might fall – instead of seeing the natural beauty.”

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