9 comments on “50 shades of grey Haiku

  1. oops, my first attempt to comment disappeared — just like my hair is. I’m shedding worse than a white haired dog on black velveteen pants, a husky at the equator in August, or a sheepdog with no sheep. I think I used to have multi-shades of grey/gray (what is the proper spelling), the space between gre(a)y hairs is getting closer. What hair I have left that is. Doesn’t seem like it’s coming back like after my previous sheds. But this isn’t free verse, oops. Still can’t do that haiku


  2. I’d count the colours of grey; but there are two problems. My last dye job is moving away from my scalp just at the point I am REALLY shedding hair — even more than a husky in August in the Deep South. Alias, this time it isn’t growing back. Hope I have a head shape that is as pleasing as Yul Brenner’s!


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