50th High School Reunion – An Open Letter to Terry G.

Dear Terry G.,

Thank you for your invitation to our 50th high school reunion this coming weekend in Phoenix.  However . . .  I would have appreciated a warning notice that the invite was coming with an alert to be sitting down before I read it.    Your first sentence: “Oh my gosh . . . a half a century . . . just doesn’t seem possible!”  set off an eye twitch that has not subsided.

50 years!!!!!!!!  Half a century!!!!!     Terry, Terry, Terry, when we were in high school, people our current age were dead at worst or senile at best.  Please never lead off any invitation with a reference to centuries or decades.

To add to the assault you included my senior class picture.  Please don’t get me wrong – I appreciate your taking the time to scan pictures into your invite and I admire your creativity but honestly Terry my second eye started twitching.

Senior Picture

Senior Picture

WHO is that girl?   You must have air-brushed the wrinkles out, colored the hair?  I absolutely remember that is NOT how I looked.  I was much plainer looking . . . (no wonder I’m a psychotherapist)

You went the extra mile scanning the picture of the student body executive board into your invitation but . . .  when I saw it I got queasy. I had big crush on the President, Bill Nelson.  He never seemed interested in me so I never told anyone.  Unrequited love really hurts . . . (no wonder I have a heart arrhythmia.)

Judy, Senior, board Pic

You really went all out to include a list of all the honors & activities I was involved in. Wow!  I was really active(no wonder I’m always tired now).

However, Terry, it’s the very last entry in the list of accolades and activities that created outright nausea:

Miss “Senior Hambone”

I am looking forward to seeing you Terry.  It has been a very long time.  I’m glad you included your senior picture and your current picture on the invitation so I will recognize you.  You’ll have no trouble recognizing me.  I’ll be the one with both eyes twitching, periodically running to the bathroom.


7 comments on “50th High School Reunion – An Open Letter to Terry G.

  1. Judy, lovely letter to Terry. Too bad you didn’t tell Bill – it had nothing to do with his being uninterested — he was simply clueless. Sorry I missed the reunion — Kay posted a picture of you with her on her Facebook page. For now, I’ll just say, “Great sitting next to you in study hall. Stay as sweet as you are. Best of everything at Cal — look for a friend of mine named Mario Savio; I think he’s in mathematics.”


    • Jack! Jack! Jack!
      I looked for you at the reunion. I’m so relieved you just told me that you weren’t there – I was worried it was my eyesight.
      I only have a few pictures that others took BUT I shall be posting them on the blog with follow up reunion reports, so stay tuned!

      Mario and I have met – He may not remember me watching him on the Sproul Hall steps at Cal as he was rather focused on “events of the day”.

      with love,
      P.S. SWEET!!!!!!!! Debbie Reynolds is sweet. Cinnamon rolls are sweet. I deny that I am or ever have been sweet . . . guess you were clueless too!!!!!!!


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