Billy, Ricky, Rick, Rick, Duffy, Karen . . . & me

Ok guyz, stick with me and you’ll see the connections (what can I say?  It’s how my brain works).

In response to Freddie’s sorta-limerick post my Brother Rick sent his own limerick:

Dogs are incredibly likeable creatures
with many commendable features.
They sniff and they lick
and rarely get sick
whether named Freddie or Duffy* or Peaches

(couldn’t find a name to rhyme with features), Rick

Duffy, when Duffy was Duffy

*Duffy, when Duffy was Duffy who never changes and is always cute.

THEN I received the following e-mail from my high school classmate Karen:

“Okay Judy…I can’t resist playing a role in this Memories-on-Parade.  I happen to have pictures of BOTH of your secret loves…..tho not so very recent.  Bill Nelson in 4th grade and Ricky Clarke in 5th”. I went to Madison #2 and later Monte Vista “feeder” elementary schools to Camelback.  I still have a bunch class pictures from both…and therefore I am qualified to get into the middle of this fun.  See attached Smile  I’ll stay anonymous, Karen Howard L. ”

(ANONYMOUS!!!!- sorry Karen,  it’s the internet!  You are now an accomplice to my public confessions. I won’t publish your current last name to protect you a BIT).

Ricky - when it was RickY, 5th grade

Rick, when Rick was Ricky and I thought he was cute.
5th grade

Alas, Rick is no longer cute . . . he’s handsome.  Evidently I was prescient at a young age. (link)

Billy, when it was BillY 4th grade
Bill, when Bill was Billy
4th grade (now that is cute)


Past loves are incredibly lovable creatures

with many commendable features.

While making me spin

they grimace & grin 

whether named Billy or Ricky or Peaches.

(couldn’t find a male name to rhyme with features)

See! I told you it would all come together full circle & make sense to you . . . or . . . not . . .


4 comments on “Billy, Ricky, Rick, Rick, Duffy, Karen . . . & me

  1. There once was a family feud
    Though neither sibling was rude
    As long as ten percent
    of royalties were sent
    Brother Rick wouldn’t be crude

    Sorry Brother Rick, and my limerick skills (i.e. beats per line) are a bit rusty, too.


  2. You lifted/plagiarized my limerick! If it gets published, I get 10% which is my real estate fee for clients that are less than “normal” (read pains in the rear). Closest name I can think of to rhyme with peaches is “Screech” (from Welcome Back Kotter?!)


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