Freddie-less Friday (again . . .)

Me, all alone at home on Freddie Friday There's NO truth in advertising . . .

Me, all alone at home on Freddie Friday
There’s NO truth in advertising . . .

Dear all my Human-Beings,
My Human-being, once again, didn’t take me to the Freddie Friday night HeART of Spirituality & Creativity workshop.

My Human-being told me everyone made prayer/inspiration cards and showed me these pictures as proof she wasn’t walking in the park.  I was suspicious because she stayed out very late.

I  took her for a walk when she got home.

Freddie Parker Westerfield, CDT
Canine Dog Therapist
P.S.  Thank all of you who, in addition to the $13 fee, left me a donation for doggie cookies!!!   

P.P.S. Click on a picture and a slide gallery will appear!  Then you can see BIG pictures. (My Human-being JUST figured this out . . . after 3+ years . . . )

3 comments on “Freddie-less Friday (again . . .)

  1. Dear Freddie, Humans are just unbelievable, right. Sigh, I know. My mom says it’s too cold outside, what up with THAT? I have a fur coat and she says she doesn’t believe in fur coats. Say what?
    So listen, if your human only realized that she can click on the pictures to make them big NOW after 3 years, hopefully she will figure out how to BRING YOU ALONG NEXT TIME so you don’t have to stay by yourself. Tell her “you feel despondent” that will get her, it might even get you an extra treat or two. Also, tell her this is NOT what you signed up for and DO mention your title. Love from your BEST Friend, Lexi -Pro, the most affectionate, red haired dog in the world (yes, I have grown up!)


    • Dear Lexi-Pro, canine dog,
      Not only have you grown up you have developed true empathy and compassion . . . for me. I am so proud of you. Many of my clients are still growing . . . up. I hope some of my sage advice has contributed to your new found maturity.

      As far as my Human-being . . .she lacks your compassion. I always stare at her with my most despondent look as she waves and drives away. I adopted her 9 months ago, so based on her learning curve, I still have 2 years and 3 months to go before she “gets it”

      Freddie Parker Westerfield, Canine Dog
      CDT, Certified Dog Therapist


      • Don’t feel bad Freddie, CDT,
        I overheard my human saying that she has always wanted to go to your human’s workshop and has never been invited either. Maybe you should hang with us. We will give you lots of treats and plenty of attention. Your (girl) friend, Lexi-Lou


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