Thanks for Memories – Hooked on Haiku & Bob Hope

Adieu Haiku-Heights*

Thanks for friends and memories

inspiration too!

I’ll continue on

writing my “silly” haiku

It’s now tradition

*From Leo, the Haiku-Heights Master Muse:

*” . . . Now how do I say thanks to all of you? It has been a wonderful experience and journey hosting this meme for the past three and a half years. I have loved every moment of it. But I have been contemplating this for the past week, and I think it is time to shut up shop. This is the last prompt at Haiku Heights. I’m glad to have been your muse, but the interest in blogging has waned, and I want to focus on my own blog more, get back to writing . . . So adieu, au revoir, sayonara and alvida to all the friends that I’ve made through here. It’s been a blast! “


12 comments on “Thanks for Memories – Hooked on Haiku & Bob Hope

  1. Hi Judith, (and Max).

    Thank you 🙂 Reading yours, Rallen’s and others’ posts, it has made me rethink my decision. I’m not letting go yet, not closing HH down. If it helps someone write, then that’s a good thing. Sorry for the sadness.



  2. Judy, here’s my response to your comment…on my blog:

    Your comment made me think …and I realised that ‘He’ is an inseparable part of S(he)… Any experience of ‘She’ is the experience of ‘He’ too….Yet your suggestion is welcome..

    Her morning smile
    makes his heart smile too;
    a day begins..

    And well I came to know about the last prompt from your blog here..hadn’t gone through what Leo wrote… it had been a wonderful journey…and will write


    • Rallentanda,
      That’s a quote from Leo at the bottom of my post – he’s no longer doing the Haiku-Heights blog! I just put that on top of the quote so I don’t confuse everyone!
      This “shrink” hasn’t shrunk . . . yet . . .

      Have so enjoyed your posts on your blog all this time.


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