Hooked on Haiku & Rainbows


Stay in the present
Stop searching for pots of gold
One hue at a time

Haiku-Heights Prompt - Rainbow
Prompt – Rainbow

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My blogs are dedicated to this imaginatively curious, quirky, loving dog. His memory inspires. One of my passions is creating - I'll try almost anything (with the exception of singing & dancing). Having been diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1996 I am determined to find humor, kindness, love and blessings in my life . . . or go crrrrrrrazy. Humor me and take a look at my quirky blog "Curious to the Max at http://judithwesterfield.com and my spiritual blog "The HeART of Spirituality at http://judywesterfield.wordpress.com AND http://CATNIPblog.com

9 thoughts on “Hooked on Haiku & Rainbows

    1. Vivian,
      I frequently do mask workshops – participants draw on the front side (what they show to the world) and the back side (what they feel that no one sees). This mask is my “portable” one as it’s flat and I can travel with it. THe other masks are paper pulp and we paint them.

      It’s a fascinating and revealing experience. There’s a tutorial on my blog that I posted many years ago. You can do the exercise freehand and then fill in the processing questions.


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