Why I Procrastinate

It’s the unvarnished truth

Ever since youth

I start and I stop

interests I drop

Such a relief to know

when I have nothing to show 

There’s no need for shame

It’s not me, it’s my brain!

Now when life is a bore

I’ll procrastinate more

4 comments on “Why I Procrastinate

  1. Was going to watch the video but chose to feed your fish (they aren’t getting bigger?!), take a long warm shower (it’s 10 degrees outside), have breakfast, and walk the dogs. Finally watched the video and realize that I enjoy the breaks WAY more than the tasks…it’s either a weak frontal lobe or endorphin rushes that cause my procrastination – all brain-realted. Whew, what a relief, I thought it was ME. Guess I’ll have to use working/tasks to break up my fun!!!


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