1018th post – deciding if there should be a 1019th or “I was here, were you”?

I’ve been struggling with the decision whether to continue blogging.  Today a client asked me

why I blogged.  GOOD question.

Phase I:  I started blogging with the intention of sharing everything I’ve learned and what I believe personally and professionally.

In my 27 years as a practicing psychotherapist, workshop & group facilitator, guided imagery teacher and conference presenter (no wonder I’m tired) I’ve amassed a lot of information and material about healing, wellness, human dynamics – mental, physical, emotional & spiritual.

I decided it was a good thing to share all this, before I retired and/or could no longer remember what I remembered I knew, with a larger audience.

After 2+ years I became frustrated and discouraged because I could not (have not) figure(d) out how to turn my CD recordings to Mp3’s and/or get my PDF’s and Powerpoint presentations on this blog. I’m not very good (inept as a matter of fact) at the more technical end of this blog – my brain just doesn’t wrap itself around linear processes – just a fact, not an excuse.

Phase II:  I decided to turn my discouragement into, at the very least, amusing myself.  To that end I have been posting about whatever makes me smile, moves, or interests me. I even changed the name from Creativity to the Max to Curiosity to the Max.

Still not giving up, I paid someone to help me get my material up. It was a dead-end and I couldn’t afford to spend any more money.

Blogging is a solitary endeavor. Without many comments, feedback or clicks on the “like” button (at the bottom of posts) it has begun to turn the solitary into What the “H” am I doing and more importantly WHAT AM I DOING IT FOR?  . . . not sure . . .  maybe just a  larger life question? . . . maybe I’ve just lost my way? . . . maybe I can’t remember what I remembered I was initially wanting to do . . .  maybe . . . ?

This year has been discouraging as my readership has fallen off – My subscribers obviously not being as amused by or as interested in my posts as I’ve been!   As a reader of other blogs I do understand this.  I read a blog for a year or so and then unsubscribe as my interest wanes.

Additionally my blog (read “brain”) doesn’t have a specific focus which most successful blogs have.  

Phase III ???:  Stop blogging; go back to my original intent; shift direction entirely; continue to amuse myself ignoring the nagging feeling of treading cyberspace . . . ?

If you’ve read this far thanks for listening to my own internal dialogue! And Cathy, thanks for asking.


P.S. I am so appreciative of all of you who have taken your time to comment or simply click the “Like” button at the bottom of a post to let me know “you were here”.