Freddie’s Gift – How to Release Hurt & Pain

Dear Human Beings, whoever you are,

I was helping one of my clients (I can’t reveal the name because I keep everything confidential  . . . but you know who you are . . .)  learn how to move past hurt and pain so they can have a clean start in the New Year.

My client is very emotional.  To get proper attention I have to demonstrate what they must do. Here are my instructions. (what I communicate isn’t confidential).

YOU should think about what YOU need to let go of as you follow my directions.

1.  Chew on “it”

Chew on it

Chew on it

2.  Surrender



3.  Release it.

(Indoor instruction is Shake it off.  Outdoor instruction is Release)

Release it (and/or Shake it Off)

Release it and/or Shake it Off (depending on location)

4.  Sleep it off 



The new Year is almost here. If YOU want to start fresh you have to stop procrastinating and do what I say NOW. Please send my fee in the form of something chewable (for future chew-on-it demonstrations).

My Gift Haiku, by Freddie

Knowing what to do

it’s simply instinctual

I just have the gift

Therapeutically yours,

Freddie Parker Westerfield, CDT

Canine Dog Therapist